Pulmonology (also known as respiratory /chest medicine), Department is the medical speciality dealing with the organ systems which help us to breathe.

At Aegle Clinic, we provide comprehensive consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with illnesses that affect the lungs and breathing. Our specialist respiratory physicians have rich experience in managing patients with acute and chronic conditions affecting respiratory system.


Asthma management
Respiratory infection management
Pneumonia treatment
Interstitial Lung Diseases management
Snoring and sleep apnea treatment
Lung cancer work up
Pulmonary Vascular diseases management
Managing patients with respiratory failure

Bronchoscopic procedures
Pulmonary Function Tests
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Hospital inpatient services for evaluation and treatment of various lung conditions
Diagnosis and therapy of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD-Emphysema/Bronchitis)