Intensive Care Unit

Aegle Clinic enjoys a highly advanced Intensive Care environment dedicated to patient care of the highest level. The Intensive Care Unit is managed by super-specialists who operate specially trained to meet requirements of critically ill patients. These doctors are supported by nurses and paramedic staffs who man the unit round-the-clock. The Clinic boasts of:

Post-operative Intensive Care Unit Patients range from those who are critically ill with multiple organ failure requiring intensive monitoring, therapy and nursing to post-operative patients following cardiac and other major surgery, to stabilizing patients requiring only monitoring.

All of our intensive care nurses have advanced training in the needs of the critically ill patient and are certified with BLS (Basic Life Support) & ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certifications.

Ultra-modern 3-bedded ICU equipped with latest Ventilators, Monitors, Biphasic defibrillators .

Besides the technology and the help provided, the doctors and nursing staff are always present to provide emotional as well as mental strength during troubled times. We will make ourselves as accessible to you as possible, listen to your concerns, and answer your questions.