Geriatric Medicine

As we age, our need for health care often increases. We may see multiple doctors and take numerous medications for a variety of health issues.

Geriatric medicine is a unique approach to primary care that focuses on the special health needs of older adults. Aegle Clinic has a team of geriatric medicine specialists – geriatricians – who provide comprehensive, compassionate care that recognizes these special needs. Our Geriatricians are medical doctors who have completed a residency in either internal medicine or family medicine with an additional one to two years of training in the medical, social and psychological issues facing seniors. They are the one who assess, diagnose and treat the health problems that are common in people as they age, including:

Falls and balance issues| Incontinence|Dementia| Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive changes that occur with aging| Cerebrovascular disease| Depression and other emotional issues.

With their training and sensitivity to the needs of older adults, geriatricians are adept at helping elderly patients maintain the highest-possible levels of functioning and quality of life and emphasize continuity of care across multiple health care sites and promotion and improvement of overall health.

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